Are you of legal age and a resident of Quebec? We can help you.

To determine whether you are eligible for a consultation, we will consider the following: the nature of the issue, the area of law concerned, whether there is a conflict of interest and compliance with deadlines.

Areas of law

  • We can give advice in the following areas of law:
  • Social law
  • Family law
  • Succession law
  • Civil law
  • Housing law
  • Employment law (non-unionized employees only)

Please see the Areas covered  section for more details.


Nature of case

The aspects of the situation you are dealing with must fall within one of the areas of law we cover.

Please see the Our services section for more details.


Conflict of interest

Conflicts of interest arise when there is a serious risk that the lawyer’s personal interests or their duties towards another current or former client or a third party interfere with their duties towards you.

For example, we cannot advise two clients involved in the same case. We apply the “first come, first served” principle.

We must also ensure that neither the students nor the supervising lawyers place themselves in a conflict of interest by acting on your behalf. That is why we ask for specific information and perform checks before confirming your appointment at the Clinique juridique.


Meeting deadlines

You are eligible if your case does not require urgent advice or action, if the time frame to obtain our services suits you and if it allows you to meet the deadlines imposed by law or the courts.

The wait time for a first appointment depends on how busy we are and can vary from one area of law to another

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