Our team

Made up of students, supervising lawyers and staff, our team has been trained to assist you.

Our students

Each year, the École du Barreau welcomes around 1,500 law graduates. After graduating from university with a Bachelor of Laws degree (minimum three years of study), students must complete the École du Barreau’s training program and a six-month articling program before they become full-fledged lawyers.

In addition, the students who see you at the Clinique juridique have been trained and assessed with respect to ethics and professional conduct.

The Clinique juridique aims to put theory into practice and help law graduates hone the skills they need. Client consultations form an integral part of the training of future lawyers, who are assessed by supervising lawyers.

Supervising lawyers

The Clinique juridique can count on a large number of supervising lawyers to guide the students.

Supervising lawyers are seasoned professionals with practical experience in a wide range of areas of law, who are recognized in their field and eager to share their knowledge and vast experience.

They are responsible for closely supervising a small group of students and are present during consultations to ensure the quality of the services you receive.

Management team

The management team is responsible for the administration, organization and operation of the Clinique juridique and is made up of

  • Me Maryse Bélanger, director
  • Me Émilie Giroux-Gareau, coordinator
  • Ms Claire Drieu La Rochelle, client relations assistant
  • Ms Marie Maltais, client relations assistant
  • Ms Dominique Patry, client relations assistant
  • Ms Marie-Andrée Pineault, client relations assistant
  • Ms Flora Vaillant, client relations assistant
  • Ms Suzanne Marcil, information attendant

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