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Do you have a legal question or problem? Let’s talk.

To help you clarify legal issues and guide you through the Quebec justice system, we offer a range of services.

Free of charge

Our services are completely free of charge and accessible to all.

In person

In-person consultations are offered in Gatineau, Montréal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke.


You can use the services of the Clinique juridique virtually from anywhere in Quebec.

Legal information and advice

You would like to

  • know your rights and obligations in a particular situation;
  • obtain an opinion following a court ruling;
  • know how to deal with a legal problem; or
  • understand how the justice system works.

We can help you understand your rights and assert them.


You have to

  • send a formal notice;
  • respond to a legal letter or document;
  • contest a decision rendered by a court or tribunal;
  • institute legal proceedings; or
  • fill out a form required by law.

We can help you build your case.

Hearing or session

You have been summoned to

  • a mediation or conciliation session;
  • a settlement conference;
  • a case management conference; or
  • a court hearing.

We can help you prepare and understand the process.

Please note

For the time being, we do not offer court representation or mediation. If your case requires this type of service, please see the Ressources section for help.

Our centres

We welcome you at four École du Barreau training centres: in Gatineau, Montréal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. Go to Contact us for the contact details of each centre.

Areas covered

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