Mission, vision, values

A convenient gateway
to the justice system

The Clinique juridique of the Barreau du Québec helps make justice accessible to the general public, while providing experiential learning opportunities for students of the École du Barreau. With our free, simple and helpful services, we are a convenient gateway to the justice system.


Our mission

Our mission is to make justice more accessible to the general public, while allowing future lawyers to hone their skills through a mandatory practical learning component.


Our vision

We aim to train lawyers who understand the needs of the general public and help the profession evolve to reflect society’s expectations.

Our values

Professional conduct

Our professional conduct reflects the “way of life” and ethical requirements of our profession.


We are able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes to feel their reality and understand how they feel.


We strive for excellence through empathy and promise commitment, quality and professional rigour.


Through innovation and experimentation, our profession is becoming more accessible.

Social impact

The change generated by our activities has an impact on the general public and the legal community.